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Pack of 3 replacement SMOK V12 Prince Q4 stainless steel quadruple coils 0.4Ω Ohm.

Compatible with the following SMOK tanks:

  • V12 Prince tank
  • V12 Prince Cobra Edition tank
  • Resa Prince tank

Wattage range 40-100W (best 60-80W).

The box comes with a scratch sticker so you can check the authenticity of this product.

Compatibility: There's quite an array of SMOK Prince coils available and although we've listed which coils are compatible with which tanks, be aware you may need a SMOK extensin glass to accommodate some of these coils in your tank. Please see our selection of SMOK extension glasses.

Coils in the SMOK V12 Prince/P-Tank series (the ones we stock):

  • 0.17Ω Ohm - M4 quad SS (30-70W, best 40-60W) Silky rich cloud taste *mechanical mod*
  • 0.4Ω Ohm - Q4 quad SS (40-100W, best 60-80W) Deep rich vapour
  • 0.12Ω Ohm - T10 decuple SS (60-120W, best 80-110W) Massive vapour, rich taste
  • 0.4Ω Ohm - X2 clapton SS (40-80W, best 60-70W) Durable coil, massive vapour
  • 0.15Ω Ohm - X6 sextuple SS (50-120W, best 80-100W) Massive clouds, silky taste
  • 0.15Ω Ohm - Strip SS (40-100W, best 80-90W) Larger heating area and purer flavour
  • 0.15Ω Ohm - Mesh SS (40-80W, best 60-70W) Strong power, huge vapour
  • 0.2Ω Ohm - Dual mesh SS (70-120W, best 85-105W) Larger heating area, faster heating
  • 0.17Ω Ohm - Max Mesh SS (80-130W, best 90-110W) Massive power and cloud
  • 0.15Ω Ohm - Triple mesh SS (80-130W, best 100-120W) Huge power and cloud