Jinx is a premium e-liquid range with a mystical twist. Jinx e-liquids can be easily identified by their inimitable flavours: their fruity e-liquids are created with a unique method, meaning their flavours taste like nothing else on the market!

Jinx has let their dark side run free! Each flavour is based around two fruits that work to complement each other with a hint of ice on the exhale. Jinx’s range includes e-liquids to tempt a broad audience of vapers; classic combos such as Blueberry & Cherry and Blackberry & Pear are well represented, however more unusual flavours such as Banana & Apricot are here to completely change people’s perceptions!

Jinx are hosting an ongoing giveaway with a variety of spectacular prizes to be won: thousands of Jinx e-liquid bottles are being Blessed with a Winning Jinx Voodoo Doll in either Bronze, Silver, or Gold! Each tier has its own set of incredible prizes, including the latest Apple products, £1,000 in cash, a brand new PS5, holiday vouchers, plus much more! Will you be "Blessed or Jinxed”?