ELFBAR disposable vapes, also known as disposable e-cigarettes, contain 2 ml of nic salt e-liquid in a choice 0f 0 mg/ml, 10 mg/ml or 20 mg/ml strengths with a compact pre-charged internal battery that delivers a reliable and steady power output that is flawlessly matched to the vape coil, combined with precise airflow for excellent flavour and nicotine delivery. Considered to be the most popular mouth-to-lung disposable vape device, they are ready to go straight out of the box and are inhale-activated with no fire buttons.

With no charging required and no fire buttons to operate, ELFBAR disposables are draw-activated for ease of use, you simply, puff and go. The most popular of the ELFBAR disposable range is the original ELFBAR 600 disposable with its 550mah battery making it the perfect all-day vape. 

All ELFBAR disposables are supplied with a wide choice of delicious e-liquid flavours, perfectly mixed to suit even the most demanding palate. ELFBAR 10mg and 20mg nic salt e-liquids deliver a smoother throat hit combined with fast nicotine delivery and a richer flavour experience.

The ELFBAR disposable range is available in more than 30 flavours with a choice of 0mg/ml, 10mg/ml or 20mg/ml nicotine strength depending on the device.